By the Pricking of My Thumbs


Agatha Christie
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By the Pricking of my Thumbs is one of Christie’s Tommy and Tuppence books, one of her less popular series due to the protagonists‘ slight lameness. Having said that, it’s still, by no means, awful – not as readable as some of her Poirot novels, perhaps, but enjoyable enough nonetheless.It’s actually received negative reviews across the board, with a wide range of critics complaining that it lacked the focus of her earlier novels. Nevertheless, it’s still undeniably Christie, and if you’re a fan of her then you’re likely to enjoy it no matter what.I must admit, though, that it’s probably the weakest of the Tommy and Tuppence books, at least of the ones that I’ve read. The characters, while never particularly likable in the first place, are too difficult to relate to. They just don’t make people like that anymore.Read it with caution, and only after reading some of her more gripping novels beforehand – if nothing else, it’s a relatively easy read.

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